Tekniex Ricambi Macchine Movimento Terra


Back on 23 rd June 1979, our company was born from an idea of ​​Maddalena and Vojko Mlakar. Initially we supplied the large workshops scattered throughout the territory of the former Yugoslavia repairing earthmoving machinery. In 1980 we became dealers of the famous BERCO brand and soon we started to supply also large constructors, such as “14 Oktobar” of Krusevac and “Radoje Dakic” of Titograd with the undercarriages for the first equipment.

Over the years we have developed an extremely widespread and competitive sales and service network, which has allowed us to establish ourselves, above all, in the East European markets.

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Our products

In recent years, to meet the demands of the international market, we have expanded the range of spare parts with Camso and Bridgestone rubber tracks, engine and hydraulic parts, rubber sole and sole, excavator buckets, standard and made-to-measure. We have also enriched and replenished our warehouse with wear parts such as teeth, blades and corner pieces, rippers and ripper bits, bits for all types of demolition hammers, resistance screws, quick couplings for hydraulic hoses.


Some of the brands we sell

Gamma denti MTG
Berco ricambi sottocarro
Denti Esco
cingoli in gomma Bridgestone
Cingoli in gomma e pneumatici Camso