Snow chains for tractors and work machine

The net like snow chain is from alloy steel, the surface is strengthened and so protected from wear. Link thickness is 5,7mm, 7mm, 8mm or 9,5mm. The snow chains are suitable for tractors, off-road and special vehicles that work in snowy conditions and occasionally also in the woords. The snow chains can be used on both sides, lengthening their life-span.

Tyre-protection chains for earthmoving machines

Forged protection elements are connected with welded rings to a mesh. The quality of material used and special case-hardening ensures high wear resistance and a long service life of the protection chain. The mesh is designed as a square and has a very fine mesh. This gives us the highest level of protection also for the hardest terrains.
Our chain design offers the following advantages:
• Maximum of machine availability by reduced maintenance and downtime
• Best available tyre protection prolongs the service life of tyre and leads to essential reduction in costs
• No spinning of wheels due to improved grip
• High machine stability and better security

Lifting hooks

Lifting hooks from 1.25 to 10 t
Welding hook for lifting suitable for various dynamic and static applications: for excavator buckets and earth moving machines; for lifting beams and special lifting equipment; for anchoring and towing loads. The strong safety device for opening and closing the hook guarantees its use in full reliability.

Cutting tools and holders

We can supply cutting tools and holders with high standards of quality and resistance for any type of terrain such as asphalt, concrete or rock.
Cutting tools for mini milling machines, with a maximum cutting width of 1 meter, ideal for milling floors in soft and medium hard bituminous conglomerate, very compact, or concrete.
Cutting tools for medium and large milling machines, with a cutting width over 2 meters, suitable for cold scales of soft or very compact asphalt, or to remove very compact flooring and concrete layers.
Cutting tools for medium and large sized milling machines, with cutting widths over 2 meters suitable for removing very compact flooring and concrete layers.
Cutting tools for large milling machines, ideal for removing even more layers of road paving, guaranteeing high daily production.

Hydraulic hammers

With many different models, divided into large, medium and small and available in various versions we can offer a very large range of hydraulic hammers. This provides end-users with a huge choice, ensuring that they can find the ideal hammer/excavator match.

  • Mini hammers: Despite their compact size, Indeco’s range of small hammers are exceptionally reliable, quiet and efficient, and best suited for such jobs as excavations work, highway maintenance, demolitions and recycling in city areas and building refurbishment. Their versatility makes them extremely efficient in specialist jobs such as maintenance in iron foundries.
  • Midi hammers: Their excellent weight/power ratio and their slimline structure make the mid-range Indeco hammers the ideal choice for classical applications, such as demolishing buildings, earthworks in inhabited areas and secondary demolitions in quarries, as well as for more specific tasks. In fact, mid-range hammers are used for underwater work (using a special kit) as well as for digging narrow deep trenches and removing casting slag from blast furnaces.
  • Maxi hammers: Combining maximum power with the effectiveness of intelligent technology, Indeco’s larger hammers are unbeatable when it comes to completing the toughest jobs in the shortest possible time-frame – whether it’s the biggest demolition jobs, primary breaking in quarries, digging foundations, or excavating huge rail and road tunnels.