Undercarriage parts

Heavy duty track chains

Heavy duty, sealed & lubricated track chains have been specifically designed for increased pin & bushing retention. Track link incorporates greater pin-to-link and bushing-to-link contact areas while additional link wear material increases component life. Heavy duty chains are also available in the version with Extreme Wear Resistance Bushings for maximum life in high abrasion environment. Exclusive heat treatment gives links consistent surface hardness, superior hardened depth and strong core hardness. Pins & bushings are dimensionally matched to the links and manufactured to provide excellent track joint reliability, while the design ensures maximum sealability. All this results in excellent wear resistance, strength and durability for superior sealability and longer life. Heavy duty track chains work best in moderate to high impact conditions, logging, reforestation, side sloping and for uneven terrain. Heavy duty track chains with Extreme Wear Resistance Bushings, work best in high abrasion/low impact application.

  • Heavy Duty Chains version with Extreme Wear Resistance Bushings available as an option.
  • For track-type machines ranging in class from D4H-HD to D7H-HD.
  • Suitable for XR, XL, LGP and TSK undercarriages.
  • Ultra low temperature (-50° C) version available.
  • Greater pin-to-link and bushing-to-link contact areas for increased pin retention.
  • Higher track link provide additional wear material.
  • Track links are forged from deep hardening low alloyed boron steels with certified hardenability.
  • Links are quenched & tempered for tough and strong core hardness, superior strength and higher pin & bushing retention.
  • Rail surface induction hardened (HRC 53) to the wear limit (HRC>45).
  • Final furnace tempering reduces link chipping and spalling.
  • Bushing are treated in a special furnace for high temperature carburizing.
  • Pins are deep hardened for best resistance to wear and fatigue.

Berco lubricated track chains

The lubricated chains are a product of a prolonged test period both at the factory and in actual working conditions. The chain is a technically superior product. Special production machines have been developed to mass produce the chain components. Each component is passed through special cleaning machines which remove foreign material that remain on the parts, after cleaning parts are assembled on track presses which have been engineered for accurate assembly. Vacuum testing and the injection of oil into the lubricated track joints is performed by a special machine. Master split link is an important part of the lubricated chain. WWhen we using the lubricated chain there is no wear between the pin and bush. The pitch extension caused by internal wear on standard chains is eliminated and results in longer life for all matching components, especially segment and sprocket teeth. Bushing which have an increased thickness and no internal wear last much longer; the life of pins is for all practical purposes unlimited.
With Berco lubricated chains the friction normally associated with the chains is greatly reduced allowing more effective use of the engine power, quieter operation and improved operative comfort..

Track shoes

Track shoes are through hardened and stress relieved to guarantee excellent wear, high strength and resistance to bending and breakage resulting in longer life. We offer the widest variety of track shoes and track shoes options (clipped corners, mud holes, etc.) to meet the requirements of every work environment.

  • Over 70 different profiles with Single, Double and Triple grousers.
  • Greatest selection of shoe configuration: width, chamfered holes, mud holes, clipped corners, etc.
  • Cast steel shoes: swamp type, flat type, etc.
  • Forged shoes for special applications: mining, etc.
  • Rubberized, polyurethane and rubber clamped-on steel shoes.
  • More than 4.000 different shoes, to match any chain or application.
  • Chain pitch range 101 ÷ 350 mm.
  • Heavy duty rolled steels profiles.
  • Low alloyed Boron Steels with certified hardenability.
  • Through hardened and stress relieved for high strength and resistance to bending and breakage.
  • Surface hardness HRC 47 for reduced wear and longer life.
  • Precise design, carefully manufactured for proper fit.
  • Easy regrousering.

Rubber road pats


In rubberizing the steel pads, it has extended the rubber to the side webs as to widen the rubber track surface and the rubber surface joining the steel parts. A special mixture of scoring and splitting resistance rubbers together with the rubber thickness make the rubber pad long-life even for heavy duty. There is two kinds of pads: one with three-webs rubberized steel slats and the other consisting of a rubberised, U-shaped steel structure for comparatively small machines.

Sovrapattini in gomma

Il sovrapattino in gomma è stato studiato e messo a punto per macchine cingolate, che vengono impiegate su strade asfaltate, o cementate e su pavimentazioni di ogni genere.
Al vantaggio di non danneggiare qualsiasi tipo di pavimentazione, si associa una rapidità e facilità di montaggio che rendono il sovrapattino in gomma utilissimo anche per brevi impieghi.
Montaggio: il sovrapattino viene montato sul pattino inserendolo su di esso; dalla parte interna del pattino viene trattenuto dalla staffa interna fissa e viene serrato al pattino con la staffa esterna mobile che viene fissata con due viti.
Robustezza: la struttura metallica è in lamiera d’acciaio elettrosaldato avente spessore di 8 mm. La staffa esterna mobile è realizzata in modo da poter alloggiare le due viti di bloccaggio proteggendole dagli urti laterali.
Il battistrada in gomma di grande sezione e l’impiego di una speciale mescola di gomma d’alta resistenza all’abrasione ed alla lacerazione, ne conferiscono sicurezza d’impiego, buona aderenza e ottima durata anche in lavori gravosi


Designed and manufactured for longer life and lower cost. The processes through hardening or differential quenching increase wear life, provide superior structural support and resistance to deformation. The seal groups help ensure lifetime lubrication for extended life and to reduce your cost.

  • Single flange, double flange and inner flange rollers.
  • Ultra low temperature (-50°) version available.
  • More than 1.500 different rollers, to match any chain or application.
  • For track-type machines ranging from 1 to 300 ton.
  • Hot forget in two halves to obtain best internal grain flow.
  • Specific low alloyed boron steel for high hardenability.
  • Differential quenching or trough hardening heat treatment of the rollers shell guarantees a rail surface with a superior wear resistance (HRC>50); optimum core and internal shell surface hardness for extreme resistance to shock and fatigue stresses caused by the most severe applications.
  • Introduction hardening and super finishing of the shaft.
  • Large bearing and bushing area for high resistance to radial loads.
  • Sizeable oil capacity and perfect sealing.
  • Maintenance free, for longer life and perfect operation under any working condition.
  • Precise design and carefully manufactured for perfect alignment, perfect fit of bushing and final assembly of the components.


Deep induction hardened and excellent hardened depth pattern on entire tooth profile provide long wear life. Either from cast steel or from hot forging, the sprockets guarantee maximum resistance and durability even in the most severe applications. Accurate machining of hubs and flanges provide perfect interchangeability.

  • Sprockets, sprocket rims and bolt-on type.
  • More than 600 different configurations to match any chain or application.
  • For track-type machines ranging from 1 to 300 ton.
  • Cast steel or not forged steel for optimum internal grain flow.
  • Single Shot Induction hardening for high surface hardness (HRC>50).
  • Effective hardened depth 4 ÷ 10 mm for HRC 45.
  • Specific low alloyed boron steel (low alloyed steel for cast version) for high hardenability.
  • Tempered to resist cracking and chipping.
  • Optimized design to reduce stress concentration areas.
  • Hunting tooth deign extends wear life.