Wear parts

In the wordof spare parts for earth-moving machines, wear parts are certainly a very important component; for this reason and to satisfy the most various needs of our customers, we have expanded the range of our products. The wear parts we treat include for all types of excavators, loaders and dozers:

Cutting edge

  • Cutting edge for dozer
  • Cutting edge with adapters
  • End bit for dozers

Each profile varies by hardness (HB220-250, HB380-440, HB 470-350, carbon steel); cutting (hot or cold) and drilling. According to Customer specifications we can supply rolled profiles with single or double bevel, rectangular rolled profiles and curved double bevel rolled profiles.
The products are manufactured with steel which optimize the mechanical characteristics while making it easy to weld and to work and are optimal for the construction of all bucket types.

Tip and adapter

Fork teeth – Hanomag – Bofors – Lenhoff – Caterpillar – MTG -Esco – New Holland – Komatsu – Case – Jcb – Venieri – Bobcat – Terex – Uni-Z – Palazzani – Fai – Wacker-Neuson – Fiat – Mini-Z


Standard bucket

Bucket for general- purpose; it is designed for loading and excavating light and medium consistency grounds, such as soil, loam, non-compacted sand, gravel and dry clay.

Rock bucket

Features a stronger structure, additional liners and hard surfacing on the parts most subject to wear. The special construction of the cutting edge (Delta/Semidelta) gives this line of buckets excellent penetration in even the most densely compacted soils and in rock. The profile is specifically designed for loading and handling blocks of stone, blasted rock, porphyry and sandstone. This is also an ideal bucket for working in quarries.

Skeleton bucket

This bucket is designed for selecting and sorting work, in particular rocky materials. The bar spacing can be chosen as a function of the size of the material being handled. The bucket is supplied with an HD type structure, and optionally with penetration teeth (on request). The riddle bucket can also be used for handling demolition waste.

Ditch cleaning bucket

A line of buckets designed for bank formation and cleaning work. Especially suited to agricultural land for the maintenance of drainage ditches, and recommended for all types of slope profiling and road embankment maintenance work. This bucket is also used for loading and digging loose materials, crushed stone and light gravel.

Trapezoidal bucket

This bucket has been designed for trench digging and clean-up work. Its special shape allows for perfect profiling of the trench side wall slope, with a wide range of angles available in the standard range. For specialty applications, this bucket can also be supplied in a tilting version. The bucket can be fitted with teeth to improve penetration in difficult soils.

Swivelling bucket

The range of tilting buckets has been designed to optimise work cycles and answer all the needs of the client. These multi-purpose buckets offer a wide array of solutions to meet any loading, digging or profiling requirement.


Mixing bucket

The mixing bucket can operated with many different types of machines such. The loading of materials takes place directly with the mixing bucket mounted on the machine. The auger’s special design, pushes the mixture towards the center of the bucket. The result of this forced mixing is better quality that work with a system where the concrete falls from the sides of the bucket into the mixer. The main benefit is the flexibility of having cement available wherever it is needed including in high or lofty positions. The concrete mixing bucket has a bottom opening discharge gate and includes a loading pipe which allows for accurate discharge into post holes or farm work when necessary.

Quick coupler

The reduced bracket height assures that there is no loss of breakout forces, maintaining the performance of your excavator. The high accuracy between quick-coupler and the equipment is obtained through the innovative production systems.

The quick-coupler is available in both mechanical and hydraulic version; with the later the operator can remain in the cab, further reducing the tool change times.

The mechanical version is equipped with a simple fixing device.

For all type of hydraulic breaker

– Moil point, Chisel point and Flat bunt point
– Accumulator
– Diaphragm
– Back head
– Hp/bp rotation connections
– Distribution box
– Distributor
– Cylinder
– Piston
– Plunger
– Chuck housing
– Lower bushing
– Upper bushing
– Spacer
– Retaining Pin
– Side screw
– Nut
– Wearing plate
– Shock absorber
– Spring
– Seal kit
– Inflating device for accumulator